Client Testimonials

Billie’s help has been invaluable to our fosters, and life changing for the dogs in our care. 

Lynne Sheldon, Treasurer, Lucky Paws Rescue, Regina, 2018

Billie’s logical, straight-forward approach is refreshing and her ability to explain how dogs think, learn and perceive us is beyond helpful.

Tania Wolk, foster-mom, adopter, 2018

…Billie’s gentle and understanding approach to working with dogs, especially abused dogs, is why I asked her to be a guest speaker in my Animals in Social Work course… 

Garson Hunter, Professor, University of Regina, 2018

To say that Billie is a miracle worker is a complete understatement! As someone who has had dogs all my life, and am now a foster, I thought I could handle any new foster that came my way- wrong! My latest foster was a one-year old male who had plenty of obedience training, but wouldn’t respond to any of my commands, and quickly got out of control. It was incredible to watch Billie quickly assess not only the dog, and my household (I also had a four-month old foster), but also me! With only one session, my relationship with the 1 year old was like day to night! Her approach was different than anything I had ever experienced but worked amazingly for us. I now have even more confidence with my fosters!

Michaele Mintz

Billie is excellent at what she does. Very knowledgeable, and her Methodology is effective. We have been very impressed through our experience with her!

Lauren Schroeder

Billie was phenomenal in helping myself and my dog Sadie figure out what was going on and how we could help redirect her attention. She was confrontational with some dogs but not all, and the Methodology helped us figure out what dogs she didn’t get along with and helped her rethink the way she handles these dogs. We haven’t been “that dog” at the park ever since!

Holly Watkinson-Fraser

Billie came to work with me on my foster dog when I had not the slightest idea on how to approach his bad behaviour. Within half an hour he was responding to her methods. Not even 3 days later I am dealing with a whole different dog that strives to make me happy and wants my direction rather than being an impossible toddler who’s been told they can’t have candy. I’m amazed how easy it was to get here! Billie was able to figure out the dynamics in my house hold within seconds and turned it around in no time. She’s simply amazing!

Regina Kowalsky

Billie has done amazing work with our dog, helping us lay a solid foundation of simple commands to help maintain control. She was able to assess our dog’s behavior and explain to us why he does things the way he does, and how to work with him to better train him… and ourselves!
Her unique ability to understand his reactions and his logic was impressive in itself, but adding to that was her talent at creating easy, approachable training sessions. After only a few sessions with her, we’ve seen drastic improvement in our dog, and are much more confident handling him in his moments of anxiety and stress.
We highly recommend Billie to anyone interested in changing their dog’s lives for the better.

Landon Reimer

I love the training that Billie provides for our little Charles. He has shown so much growth since our sessions. He is so much calmer and is learning more every day! Thanks Billie!

Jenna Kovitch Schell

Wonderful work! Billie had me trained within 2 weeks! I went from an aggressive situation where one of my babies was going to possibly go to the shelter, to both happily living together again!

Update: Almost a year later, after living happily together as a family, the younger dog was rehomed. The rehoming was an educated decision, and the methods were explained to the new home to ensure a smooth transition. The decision to rehome was made in the better interest of both dogs based on what makes them happy – the younger dog is happy in a busy family; the senior one likes the quiet, calm life with Mandy.

Mandy Challis

(Billie) we are so grateful for wonderful people like you! 

Toronto Humane Society, 2002

Billie, you are the real deal.

Betty Griffiths, Adoption Coordinator for 18 years, Animal Adoptions of Flamborough, Ontario, 1996

I have contacted Billie on behavioural issues beyond my professional knowledge…and I trust Billie…and appreciate her donating her proven skill and experience…

D. Lamirante, Animal Control Officer, Stoney Creek Animal Control, 2001

If Billie did not spend the time training these less fortunate cases, we would have no alternative but to euthanize them.

Jim Wood, Coordinator, Danes in Distress, 2003

Billie is not a dog trainer; she works with the owners and provides them with the tools needed to work with their dogs. treats and clickers will only get you so far. you have to understand the behaviour to correct it.
i would recommend her to anyone and everyone.
Nibs would bolt every time he was let off leash. i can now let him out of the house off leash and we can go on hikes off leash.
no treats or clickers involved.
thanks so much Billie!❤️

Janine Razon

Billie has been working with our dog Koda since December of 2017. I can’t even begin to explain how helpful she has been. Our dog Koda was a rescue and came to us when she was about a year old. We had numerous issues such as messing in the basement, destroying our house, harassing our cat, barking at any person or any dog who came her way. I was completely lost on how to deal with her as we had never had a dog with this number of issues, who didn’t respond to any of the ‘normal’ training techniques. While I was skeptical at first with the approach (it is something different that I had never tried) I am now a firm believer. Her methods have made the world of difference. Our dog Koda, who I never thought would be able to go into the off-leash dog parks, can now enter without a muzzle and plays great with other dogs. There is no more messing in the basement, and she is all around a happier, more well-behaved dog. I can’t believe how far she has come in a few short months. I couldn’t ask for anything more and am so glad Billie was able to help us. Billie is dedicated to dogs and to her clients.

Hayley Toniello

How do I even start… Billie is amazing that’s all there is to it… Honestly amazing!! I adopted a dog from her named Charlie. At first he was very good but soon started to destroy all my belongings. Used my basement floor as a personal bathroom. He became very frustrating. I have had dogs before and tried what I knew about training but it failed horribly. Charlie’s behavior actually got worse. I called Billie twice for help and support how to deal with him. With help from my sister who has had Billie’s help previously he has done a complete 360. He’s amazing all her knowledge has made him the best pup ever. I highly recommend this woman – she is amazing at all she does. A hero in the dog world. Thanks again Billie!!! I appreciate all you do

Christie Mayo Tokarchuk

Having Billie come and help us out with our fur baby was the best thing we could have done! Lulu went from being a scared and sometimes aggressive puppy to a calm and well behaved little girl. She is so much more at ease and relaxed and now even is more enjoyable and fun for us !! Thank you so much for helping us!

Chris Eby

Billie is Amazing! I was referred to Billie back in September/October 2018 for my bully breed, Stoli, who had developed major anxiety after losing her bonded brother. I listened to everything I had read after the loss and tried all that I knew how to in order to avoid another dog. This lead us to a point where Stoli was terrified of being left alone in the house, terrified of loud vehicles as well as the kitchen fan and many other everyday noises. I was heartbroken when Stoli learned to break out of the house, setting off my alarm, and later destroying her kennel to break out of it and the house and injuring herself. The vet told me that she would be medicated for life. I picked up her medications and immediately looked for another solution. I called Billie, and she explained basic dog psychology 101 to me. She met Stoli and observed her odd behaviours. Stoli was definitely not the dog she once was. Since then I have worked with Billie to give me tips and guidance starting with the simple things such as car rides, walks around larger vehicles, and interaction with other pets (daycare) along with working on my basic commands, my demeanour, my stress levels around Stoli. These are the simple things someone wouldn’t even recognize would affect their dog. This past week I was able to leave Stoli home while the garbage truck came and she did not break out of the house or show any sign of stress or anxiety when I got home and she is on 1/8 of the vets recommended medication dose. I cannot Thank Billie enough for all she has done and continues to do, without her I don’t know where Stoli and I would be right now…Thank You Billie 🐾❤️

Jessica Dawn