A Review of the Book

This book?…. you need this book! Billie Groom has been nothing short of an Angel in our lives and in the dog world. You have heard me talk about her, you’ve heard me refer her, you’ve heard me mention about how amazing of a dog whisperer she is.

Without her, I wouldn’t have my best friend, Comet in my life. Everyone knows he wasn’t easy to keep in the yard or even trust humans when we first got him. With her Methodology and support, he’s become the best dog I’ve ever had.

Without her Brian wouldn’t have had the chance to have his best friend. She rescued our Tulsa from Mexico. Starving and no trust of humans. Billie has Tulsa the most behaved street dog I’ve ever met.

Those are just two of thousands if not million of dog lives she has changed the lives of.

She’s incredibly in tune with understanding street dogs and rescue’s needs. She doesn’t just listen to them, she’s the voice for them too.

So friends, do something right in this world, sign up for her book (and her online course). You won’t be disappointed! Let’s face it, learning something new is always a good thing! Also, you’ll be reading something from someone who speaks nothing but the truth and who truly lives for saving animals. 🐾

Stacey Westerhaug, Regina, SK. - From FaceBook