UPWARD Methodology

“Taking You Beyond Positive Reinforcement Training”

Why Take the UPWARD Methodology Course?

Learn how to apply Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to effectively address anxiety, aggression, unwanted behaviours with any dog over 6 months of age, and/or easily integrate your rescued dog into your life.

The program works at the pace of you and your dog, adapts to your needs, and includes written material, videos and communication with your own UPWARD Dogologist.

UPWARD Methodology is bonding, logical, calm, force free and fear free.

“Surprisingly Simple; Amazingly Effective”

Become an UPWARD Dogologist

Are you interested in:

  • learning how dogs think and learn?
  • providing people with the skills to improve the life of their dog and their families?
  • helping dogs-in-need and the people who help them?
  • advancing beyond Positive Reinforcement techniques to applying Cognitive Behavioural Therapy?

Whether you are new to working with dogs, a volunteer, or an experienced trainer or professional in the dog-world, the information in this course provides you with the tools to achieve your goals.

A Bit About Billie Groom

Billie has rehabilitated and rehomed hundreds of rescued dogs, worked with dozens of rescue organizations, and taught hundreds of clients one-on-one, in real-life situations to simply and effectively work with their dog.

Billie formulated UPWARD Methodology over three decades, allowing her to excel in an unregulated industry that has left most behaviourists struggling to succeed in.

She is the author of “The Art of Urban People With Adopted and Rescued Dogs Methodology”, and she has received numerous awards and accolades.

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